#InsideFirst Journey: Nabanita Banerjee

by Donna Scheitlin

Pitney Bowes is committed to taking an #InsideFirst look at our talent opportunities. Internal mobility means growth and development.   Nabanita Banerjee is based in Henley on Thames in the UK, she has recently transitioned from Talent Advisor within Human Resources to Account Manager in Software Sales.

What skills and experiences do you feel helped you transition into your new role?

  • Knowledge of software products and solutions. I used this extensively as a Talent Advisor to engage external talent with the Pitney Bowes brand.
  • Interviewing skills were key to my role as a Talent Advisor — listening, observing and asking the right questions. Although applied in a different way, these are transferable skills in sales for successful interactions with potential clients as well as internal colleagues.
  • Ability to work with a diverse group globally and adapting to changes within Pitney Bowes.

What do you enjoy most about your new role and/or Pitney Bowes?

  • The ability to learn new things, struggle a bit and find a way of getting things done.
  • The commercial aspect of the role.
  • Client interactions: learning about their business and building relationships.
  • Applied creativity: researching and finding synergies between clients’ challenges and our solutions.

What advice would you give to others who are interested in moving into a new role within Pitney Bowes?

  • Ask yourself what your personal motivator is for seeking a new role – money/exposure/learning new skills/ new geographical location. Once you decide, research the roles that align to your interest.
  • Are you passionate enough? Then you can make anything of any role; you just need a foot through the door.
  • Be a sponge: Pitney Bowes has many fantastic subject matter experts in the business; seek out that knowledge.

Tell us about an individual that supported you through this transition.

  • Andy Berry encouraged me to take the plunge and had the confidence that I could transition to sales.
  • Russell Essex-Crosby, my director, recognized that I needed to do something different to keep me motivated; he has always encouraged me to do new and different things.
  • Simon Alderson provided the opportunity in his team and, along with Lisa Shaw, ensured that I can perform in an environment of open communication and learning/knowledge-sharing within teams/peers.

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