Pitney Bowes Internship Program

By Claire Carlson

Internships were once thought of as little more than resume builders for interns and inexpensive labor for businesses. Today, however, corporate internships are highly sought-after positions attracting the best and brightest talent, offering real-world exposure and career insights to interns and providing valuable new energy and fresh perspectives to businesses. The Pitney Bowes internship program actively recruits at many college campuses to find interns like Avirat (Avi) Gaikwad who was offered a full-time position as a Global Reporting Data Analyst.

Avi was working towards his Master’s in Engineering Management at Northeastern University when he applied to the Pitney Bowes internship program. Specializing in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, he was already fluent in many of the computer applications that Wiser Brown, Manager of Global Reporting Analytics, had highlighted when he requested an Information Management intern for the Global Reporting and Analytics team.

Combining hard and soft skills

Avi was brought on to help streamline the reporting process for various teams within Pitney Bowes. These ‘hard’ skills were precisely what Wiser was looking for when he imagined this internship position. But Avi’s skill set went far beyond charts and analytics. “It was Avi’s intuition, innovation and positive attitude that really set him up for success. He was always hungry for new projects and challenges. He had a natural curiosity that translated to solving problems where he could and a willingness to help on anything else.”

These ‘soft skills’ are hard to codify on an application or resume but in the end, helped confirm Wiser’s decision to offer Avi a full-time position. “The internship position had been developed with a full time Reporting Analyst position in mind,” said Wiser. “But the extended co-op/internship program that Northeastern and many universities now allow provided a longer runway to discover these traits and talents. Over the six month internship, Avi established strong relationships that were incredibly helpful to our team once he transitioned to full time.”

Value to PB. Value to Avi.

Unlike the envelope-stuffing internships of yesteryear, Avi and other recent interns have both gained and added meaningful and measurable value during their stint at PB.

For Avi, this internship offered a chance to apply what he had learned in the classroom. “It reinforced the skills I had learned and gave me real-world opportunities to leverage them and learn others,” said Avi. One of Avi’s biggest takeaways was patience. “At the university, everyone is focused on completing one project,” said Avi. “In business, there are competing priorities the different stakeholders are juggling that ultimately sets the pace of a project.” This helped prepare

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  1. Rohit Rane says:

    I am a MCA first year student. Can I apply for an internship in your company as a developer or a programmer. I am good at python and c++, Good programming knowledge. Is any internship available in technical field in your company then contact me

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