How volunteering assists in developing your career

By Polly O’Brien Morrow

Did you know that volunteering is a great way to develop leadership and technical skills, as well as to build stronger teams? As part of Career Empowerment Week, a panel of volunteers explored some of the many ways that volunteerism has helped each of them build employee skills and strengthen teams. The panel comprised James Fairweather, Chief Innovation Officer, Shir Segal Shamshtein, Site Manager, Israel, Eliana Hernandez Campos, Marketing Operations Analyst, APAC and moderator Polly O’Brien Morrow, Program Manager, Global Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy.

Here are some highlights from the discussion:

On Career Development

“Volunteering has made a big impact on my career. In fact, I think I have achieved changes in two roles thanks to volunteering – because I’ve been able to enhance my main work and to develop new skills. I think theory is great, but it’s experience that makes me feel that I have grown. Time management, project management and leadership skills are just some of the examples that I have developed through volunteering.”
– Eliana Hernandez Campos


On Nonprofit Leadership Opportunities

“You learn more about the financials of a nonprofit and the needs they have and how they earn their income through a combination of services they provide and philanthropic giving… You also get a better understanding of purpose over time and how they align committees to further that purpose.” “You see a large change in your own ability to both understand and contribute to an organization.”
– James Fairweather


On working with United Way

“In Tel Aviv, we have had a volunteer program for four years. We’ve been working with United Way Israel and they’ve been fantastic. They are very professional and know organizations here locally to work with. It’s been a great experience for us.”
– Shir Segal Shamshtein


On Team Volunteer Projects

“I’ve been managing teams for a while at Pitney Bowes, and there is no better team-building activity than going out with your team and volunteering. The happiness of team members when we go out volunteering is amazing… The following day I could feel a different energy within my team members… I really encourage managers to take your team members out and have fun and people will be really grateful…”
– Eliana Hernandez Campos

The Global Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy Team provides a wide array of resources to help employees get involved in our communities.

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