Black history is our history

By Claire Carlson

Black History is celebrated in many parts of the world to recognize the achievements, inventions, culture and experiences of African Americans and those of African descent to history. At Pitney Bowes we celebrate Black History as part of our history and our foundation for future value creation as well.

There have been many groundbreakers throughout our history who were willing to commit to equal access to employment and opportunity, or who blazed a path for others. They were driven by the belief that it was the right thing to do for our business, our clients and our employees.

Walter Wheeler was a role model for inclusive leadership throughout his over 30-year tenure as President and CEO. During his administration he took a series of personal and professional actions to increase employment opportunities and create an inclusive workplace including: ensuring that the company did not have any practices or polices that precluded hiring diverse talent, moving a sales conference from a hotel that would not allow our African American sales professional to spend the night, sending company representatives to participate in Fisk University’s National Dialog on Race, testifying in support of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.


Today’s Groundbreakers

As our commitment to valuing our diverse culture continues into our second century, Black History Month is also an important reminder to celebrate the influence of African Americans on our future.

Below, we have highlighted some of today’s groundbreaking PBers and their contributions to our transformation.

Ty Parker, Vice President Presort Operations

Ty joined Pitney Bowes in May 2015 as Vice President, Strategy and Business Development for Pitney Bowes Global Services. Prior to joining Pitney Bowes, Ty spent 25 year with Xerox Corporation. After starting in the mailroom, Ty went on to several sales, technical and operational leadership roles and also led Xerox’s Six Sigma organization for North America. In his current role as Vice President of Operations with Presort, Ty is responsible for both the Technical Services and Operations in the 43 Presort locations in the US. His mission is to drive operational efficiencies, profitable growth and enable Presort Operations to deliver greater value to our clients and enhance the employee experience for the 5800+ Presort employees. Ty is passionate about developing others and enabling a winning culture.

“I was very fortunate in my career as well as very driven to lead organizations. At Xerox, I was responsible for a $600 million business. I am now grateful for the chance to have an impact on our Presort Organization. Developing myself and others always a passion. With passion and drive, your opportunities are unlimited.”

Paul Richardson Jr., National Vice President, Government Sales

Paul joined Pitney Bowes in 1975 straight out of the military as a Service Technician, unloading boxes and rebuilding machines in the basement and eventually going out on service calls back when our machines were little more than a clutch, a motor and a plug.

Today, Paul’s focus is on building a strategic team dedicated to the Federal, State and Local Government sector to help grow our business and capitalize on those opportunities. “Right now, this vertical rolls into the regional sales divisions. My goal is to develop a stand-alone business, with a clearly identifiable team responsible for leveraging the tremendous opportunities that exist in this vertical.”

Over Paul’s 35-year tenure, he’s seen many changes from leadership to products and more, with one constant: our commitment to putting our employees first. “Pitney Bowes has provided me opportunities I never dreamed of. This employee first culture is what sets Pitney Bowes apart and makes us a solid company with a great future. I am passionate about sharing that story with our newer employees who might not always look beyond the current stock price to see the resiliency and strength that our past 100 years demonstrates. It’s all too easy to forget how we got here, but the technology company we are today was built on the back of great people, innovation and a lot of plain old hard work. We still make the best products on the market hands down, but it is our past that will take us to the next level. The story or Pitney Bowes is unique. Sharing it is not part of my job but it is where my heart is.”

Regina Ross, Change Management Director, Workday Project

Regina joined Pitney Bowes in Feb 2015 as the Presort Services HR Business Partner after a diverse 20+ year career in Continuous Improvement, Strategic Planning, Operations Leadership and HR.

She is currently Change Management Lead for the global transformation of our HR systems to the more integrated Workday platform. By delivering a consistently simple and intuitive user experience that enhances delivery, analysis & use of HR information, this Workday implementation will enable our efforts to build high-performing teams with the ever-evolving skills needed to drive Company success for the next 100 years. As a proud US Army veteran, ordained minister and trained speaker / facilitator who holds professional certifications in Change Management, Executive Coaching, Human Resources & Lean Operations, Regina is passionate about helping others unleash their potential.

Celebrating the achievements and influence of some, invites us all to find our own place in the dynamic tapestry of thoughts and experiences that has fueled innovation at Pitney Bowes for generations.

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