A Conversation with Nicole Clemens, Manager of Campus Strategy and Program

What is your role at Pitney Bowes?

I manage our campus program which includes campus/student engagement and activities which align with Pitney Bowes strategic business priorities. I work closely with our business partners to understand priority areas and the direction and talent goals of our business units.

As part of my role, I work in conjunction with our recruitment team and help to manage the on-boarding lifecycle for our campus hires. The goal and purpose of my role is to increase the quality and diversity of our long-term hiring pipeline while expanding PB’s brand on campus.

How would you describe the Pitney Bowes culture?

Pitney Bowes fosters a culture of employee development and career empowerment. Over the last 7 years, I have held several different roles within the company, and I am grateful to be a part of such an #InsideFirst culture.

Also, the company just celebrated 100 years which is a great testament to its resilience. As a PB employee, you can feel that resilience in the culture every day just in the way we quickly respond and adapt to global challenges and continue to do the right thing the right way.

What is one thing that most people are surprised to learn about Pitney Bowes?

At Pitney Bowes, I have had the privilege of managing and learning from individuals very early on in their careers. For some, it is their first job out of college, and they are so surprised to learn the depth of everything we do. It is like watching a kid in a candy shop as they go from learning what our company does to actually living and breathing our 100-year story. When you really pick apart what ‘craftsmen of commerce’ means it is pretty incredible.

Why do you love working for Pitney Bowes?

• The constant encouragement for professional development. The leadership team and my work colleagues are always inspiring me to learn new things, embrace new ideas, and take on cross-functional stretch projects. When I look at my career at PB I think that is something I really love because it has not only diversified my skill set but more importantly, it has given me the ability to take on new roles with confidence.
• Relationships. I love the friendships I have built, and the mentors I have learned from. When we talk about ‘building a network’ it can sound very generic, but I can honestly say, the people I work with are the ones who inspire me to go above and beyond every day. If you can walk away from each experience with a new friend or mentor – that is a success in my eyes.
• Work-Life integration. Pitney Bowes has created such a supportive culture for recognizing the importance of family and emotional well-being. I love that PB has given me the opportunity to be both 100% at home and as an employee without the guilt of feeling, I have to choose one over the other.

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