Healthy Tips for Working from Home

Where feasible, Pitney Bowes encourages flexible working arrangements to help employees manage the demands of work and home. For several years, our Agile Work program has enabled 20% of our employees to reduce the time and expense of commuting while working efficiently from multiple locations. We also provide tools to help employees develop healthy work from home routines. During this challenging time many more people are working from home, some for the first time. This means employees will juggle children at home or other distractions that they wouldn’t otherwise have in the office. We continue to support our teams with tips and advice to help them adjust to a new routine, such as:
• Aim for a routine but be ready for flexibility
• Consider your workspace and find a designated spot for work that you feel motivated and productive
• Communicate with your manager and colleagues and stay connected with your team. Lean on your community
• Movement is important. Build-in small bursts of activity including a walk or a stretch. Pitney Bowes offers a robust fitness and nutrition library for our teams to utilize.
• Know when it’s time to “log off” and develop a habit of setting a time to log off when possible
• Make time for self-care and downtime. Find a book to read or listen to your favorite podcast

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