To the Rescue

By Vicki Javner

“The first thing I noticed was that the huge parking lot that normally held hundreds of cars was empty,” said Darrell Padgett, Customer Services Representative (CSR), recalling the shock of how badly hit one of our very important enterprise clients, Broadridge Financial Solutions, was by the COVID-19 pandemicDarrell Padgett has serviced the Long Island financial giant for more than 21 years, along with Ed Menzel, also a CSR, and 35-year PB vet. Together the dynamic duo has kept 25 mailing machines and 25 Sendsuite Live shipping systems sending 11 million financial statements all over the globe. Padgett also provides on-site Valet Service for five nights each month, to make sure our equipment flawlessly sends out the company’s monthly investor documents.

Broadridge Facility

In March, New York became the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, and while many businesses shut down, essential service providers Broadridge and Pitney Bowes, remained open. As with many warehouses, Broadridge Financial was soon severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. “All of this happened during their busiest mailing time of the year” explained Tom Gallego, Major Account Manager. “To say that they needed their Pitney Bowes systems to be fully operational during multiple work shifts is an understatement.”

Pitney Bowes sent CSRs Padgett and Menzel to the rescue. These talented, and brave, CSRs helped the client through this very difficult time. “It’s not often that we can call PB work courageous, but that is truly the right word for the work that Darrell and Ed performed in this environment,” said Harris Warsaw, Senior VP, SendTech. “Their technical expertise and tireless perseverance during the most difficult of times helped our client meet their objectives for their clients.” Broadridge, and Pitney Bowes, greatly appreciated their help.

“Great people deliver great service….great people like Darrel and Ed who provide differentiated levels of service to important client’s like Broadridge Financial. They represent PB so well and epitomize the heart of a true service leader in how they continue to provide the essential business services needed to ensure our client’s success….even during a pandemic!” – William Steenburgh, Senior Vice President, Pitney Bowes Global Services

Were Ed and Darrell scared? “Well, you just have this mindset that you have a job to do to help your customer, and that gets you through each day,” said Menzel. Broadridge set up a nursing tent at the entrance to the parking lot where all employees and visitors had their temperatures taken and received masks before entering the building. “Honestly, it looked like a movie set,” said Padgett.

We’re betting it looked like a Marvel action film starring our two unflappable heroes. Thanks for a super job rescuing our clients!

Ed Menzel

Darrell Padgett

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