Career Empowerment Month: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

By Claire Carlson

Pitney Bowes employees around the world helped kick off Career Empowerment Month by joining the Get Out of Your Comfort Zone panel. Panelists, Derek Camps-Campins, VP, Global Professional Services, Stephen Darracott, VP, Country Manager, Japan, and ANZ, and Shemin Nurmohamed, SVP, Product Management, SendTech, and moderator, Andrew Gold, VP, Global Talent Management and HR Technology, shared their personal insights and stories to demonstrate the value of embracing new opportunities even if it means getting a little uncomfortable.

Top 3 Takeaways

On overcoming fear:
With each new role, comes the expectation that you should know what you’re doing. To get past this, Derek tries to own that he doesn’t know everything and asks questions. The people around him are always willing to help.

On knowing when to step out of your comfort zone:
Be willing to have candid conversations to understand what you are bringing to the role and what skills you will need to develop. And ask yourself if it is something you truly want to do.

On accepting a horizontal career move:
His father told him “Don’t chase titles, you’ll be disappointed in the long term.” Instead, look at what’s within the job and what you can get out of it personally and professionally.

On overcoming fear:
My learnings—and my fear—have been immense. I had to figure out how to fit in which takes time, and patience, and the support of people around you. In the end, it has been the best–and most tumultuous–experience.

On knowing when to step out of your comfort zone:
You’ll know if it is the right opportunity if you believe you can add value to the team and business with the support of your team and network.

On accepting a horizontal career move:
Embrace the learning opportunities that exist in horizontal opportunities
I saw an opportunity to learn a whole new set of skills that could help break the ceiling that existed in taking a more vertical path. You will learn things that can help you develop in the future

On knowing when to step out of your comfort zone:
Consider the worst-case scenario and have a safety net and recognize it would be far worse to not try and regret missing what could be an incredible opportunity.

On accepting a horizontal career move:
Everyone should do sales at some point in time in order to understand what it is like to be in front of our clients so that anytime you do any work, it is central to what you do. That is how to truly understand the business.

On how to get to your next step:
Performance gives you permission. Do the best you can in the role you have right now. And work on soft skills. The extra time you take for little acts of kindness will benefit you in the long term.

On overcoming fear:
Trust others to see things in you that you might not recognize in yourself and know that the people you will be working with will be there to support you.

On accepting a horizontal career move:
Moving around is a great opportunity to see different perspectives
you never knew you were missing.

On making a mid-career move:
If you’re looking to gain experience, make sure people know you want new opportunities.

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