Career Empowerment Interactive Sessions

By Claire Carlson


In the second week of Career Empowerment Month 2020, Ten separate sessions were hosted by some of Pitney Bowes top talent around the business, around the world, and around the clock. Hundreds of PBers joined these interactive sessions to gain insights into each area of the business as well as what skills are required to succeed and the career path that might lead there. Top takeaways from each session are featured below:


SENDTECH (live from Japan)
Top Takeaway: Spend at least 10% of your time to learn more about PB business–something outside your key projects–to broaden your horizons.

HR APAC (live from Australia)
Top Takeaway: Working in HR allows you to influence the culture of an organization and help build careers. In any career, resilience and resolve are key characteristics to live through challenging times.

Top Takeaway: For innovators to succeed, they should focus on business rather than a product. The idea is to build always remember what is urgent versus important.

FINANCE (live from UK)
Top Takeaway: Don’t always look upwards; moving sideways is also good and can help for future upward progression.

MARKETING (live from UK)
Top Takeaway: If you don’t have a clear idea, then get as much experience and knowledge as you can.

Top Takeaway: Client success is the voice for Pitney Bowes and the clients we support. It is so important to see and appreciate both sides while being transparent and empathetic to our clients.

PRESORT (live from US)
Top Takeaway: There are opportunities all around us, its just a matter of what path you want to take.

HR (live from US)
Top Takeaway: When considering a new opportunity, focus more on the opportunity to learn new skills instead of whether it is the right linear progression.

Top Takeaway: Learn new industries, PB offers you many industries that you can join without ever leaving PB.

SENDTECH (live from US):
Top Takeaway: Be willing to let your managers and others know that you want to try something new and ask for help and mentorship.

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