Pitney Bowes is recognized for design-led transformation

By Julie Threlkeld

Pitney Bowes continues to garner industry accolades for its focus on delivering best-in-class client experience.

This year, PB was honored as a finalist for the 2020 Design & Innovation Awards during this week’s Design Thinking Virtual Experience conference for professionals working in Design, UX, and CX. The awards recognize exceptional stories of design-led transformation. As a thought leader group and community, the Design & Innovation organization promotes design thinking and human-centered approaches to help organizations drive meaningful change that sustains business in the experience economy.

According to them, this year’s awards saw a record number of entries. Pitney Bowes entry for our Client-Centered Innovation Program was among just five finalists in their Cultural Transformation category, reinforcing the program’s value and PB’s growing credibility as a front-runner in CX-led design. PB’s entry focused on the program’s drive toward culture change and highlighted its impact on the client experience, employee experience, process efficiency, and PB’s bottom line.

The award category considers the broader implications of Human-Centered Design when adopted at the organizational level: how it changes the way employees work, collaborate, and interact — both with each other and with customers. The finalists in this category demonstrate consistent, cross-functional design thinking practices, fostered through team collaboration as a core principle and component of ideation, and customer-centricity as fundamental to decision making.

“We are excited to be sharing the story and lessons from our CX journey with industry peers,” says Ruth Frank, Vice President, Experience Design, who also delivered one of the event’s keynote addresses. “Again, PB has been shortlisted as a leader among organizations that are making a significant, company-wide shift in mindset toward human-centered design principles and practices.”

The Client-Centered Innovation Program offers a variety of structured learning pathways in the areas of design thinking and CX, including the LUMA design thinking program and a variety of other instructor-led and self-paced learning opportunities. Since its launch as a pilot in late 2018, the program has made significant inroads into bringing a design thinking-led mindset to PB’s people and practices.

PB teams who have prioritized CX and employed design thinking methods are showing concrete results impacting client experience, employee experience, process efficiency, and PB’s bottom line.

Here are just a few examples of impacts seen and heard in 2020:

  • Attrition was cut by 42% and average call handling time lowered by 80 seconds in SendTech Technical Support.
  • Global Ecommerce used journey mapping to measurably improve PB positioning against competitors.
  • Sendpro Mailstation’s global team used design thinking to deliver the right features and experience at launch, avoiding months of rework and significant cost.

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