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A salute to PB from veteran owned businesses

It’s Veterans and Military Families Month and Pitney Bowes is proud to celebrate our team members with military service. We have a long history of honoring veterans and seeking their talents and skills to help us build an even stronger workforce.

Veterans and Military Families Month

This month Pitney Bowes is proud to celebrate team members with military service as part of Veterans and Military Families Month. We are asking veterans and those who want to help us honor veterans to share their stories, because your story is our story.

How volunteering assists in developing your career

Did you know that volunteering is a great way to develop leadership and technical skills, as well as to build stronger teams? As part of Career Empowerment Week, a panel of volunteers explored some of the many ways that volunteerism has helped each of them build employee skills and strengthen teams.

United Way & the Annual Employee Giving Campaign

United Way and Pitney Bowes have a long, rich history of partnering together to build stronger communities. In fact, Pitney Bowes was the driving force supporting the development of the United Way out of the Stamford Community Chest Organization in our Stamford, Connecticut World Headquarters community

PB’s focus on CX wins major international award

Pitney Bowes has just been awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2019 Design Value Awards for our Client Experience (CX) Strategy and one of its key components: our Client-Centered Innovation Program. Sponsored by the Design Management Institute (DMI), these prestigious, global awards recognize teams that have delivered significant value through design or design management practices.

Where does PB fall on the Waffle House Index?

When it comes to hurricane preparedness, how does Pitney Bowes compare to Waffle House, a US restaurant chain whose reputation for exceptional disaster preparedness earned it an index – Waffle House Index – that the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) uses to judge the severity of a storm? If our response to Hurricane Dorian is any indication, we stack up well.