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Standing in solidarity

Last week, a landmark decision was handed down from the US Supreme Court making workplace discrimination against
LGBTQ+ people illegal. It was a joyous moment – especially during Pride Month – but also one of relief for many who have been fighting for basic civil liberties for years. Many vulnerable groups share a sense of community that’s been forged by years of advocating for equal rights (including housing, employment and representation) and seeing their basic civil liberties continually challenged.

To The Rescue

In March, New York became the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, and while many businesses shut down, essential service providers Broadridge and Pitney Bowes, remained open. As with many warehouses, Broadridge Financial was soon severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. “All of this happened during their busiest mailing time of the year” explained Tom Gallego, Major Account Manager. “To say that they needed their Pitney Bowes systems to be fully operational during multiple work shifts is an understatement.”

Everyone is invited

Living in a world where nothing feels quite the same is an opportunity to look at everything through a new lens. Whether or not you find yourself represented among the letters of the LGBTQ+ community, all are welcome to participate in Pride Month. No one needs an invitation or a designation to join this month-long recognition of the LGBTQ+ community and the PB team members who are part of that community. Anyone can be an ally.

Honoring Pride Month 2020

The Pitney Bowes LGBTQ+ Advisory Council plays a central role in supporting the company’s longstanding commitment to Diversity & Inclusion. It aims to foster LGBTQ+ inclusivity, raise visibility and generate awareness around LGBTQ+ matters through meaningful dialogue and action.

The Importance of being Human

By embracing the humanity of our diverse workforce here at Pitney Bowes, we have also learned to celebrate our differences. The character Piglet from the children’s story Winnie the Pooh observed, “It’s the things that make me different, that make me, me.” Pitney Bowes strives to make this a place where all voices are valued, and we all can grow and make meaningful contributions to our success. We want everyone to feel that they belong and know that they are safe to bring their whole self to work.

The Future of Work

On May 13th, Pitney Bowes Women’s Inclusion Network (PBWIN), a network open to employees of all genders, held a webinar on “The Future of Work.” Hundreds of Pitney Bowes employees joined to hear guest speaker, Lauren Pasquarella Daley, Ph.D., Senior Director of Women and the Future of Work at Catalyst.

A Conversation with Nicole Clemens, Manager of Campus Strategy and Programs: Part 2

In our last interview with Nicole Clemens, she spoke about her role and experiences at Pitney Bowes. Nicole has been with Pitney Bowes for the last 7 years during which she transitioned from an on-site to an agile employee.

Healthy Tips for Working from Home

Where feasible, Pitney Bowes encourages flexible working arrangements to help employees manage the demands of work and home. For several years, our Agile Work program has enabled 20% of our employees to reduce the time and expense of commuting while working efficiently from multiple locations.

Working From Home Tips for Parents

Pitney Bowes supports our working parents with great platforms to share and support each other as they balance work and parenthood at all stages. We offer a range of health benefits, time-off, nutrition and fitness, tips on learning how to welcome a new member to your family, and the support when you return to work. To further support our working parents while their children are home, we’ve gathered several resources for our teams:

A Conversation with Nicole Clemens

I manage our campus program which includes campus/student engagement and activities which align with Pitney Bowes strategic business priorities. I work closely with our business partners to understand priority areas and the direction and talent goals of our business units.