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Kris Murphy Recruiter Tip

A strong resume, profile, or referral will help you attain an interview, but it’s your soft skills that may separate you from the other candidates. Soft skills are difficult to convey on paper, so you will want to ensure you are able to display them in your interviews.

A Day in the Life of a Product Manager

A team of Pitney Bowes Product Managers recently participated in a panel discussion designed to provide insight into this exciting and dynamic role.  The panelists represent various business units within Pitney Bowes, each with a different perspective and experience to help paint the picture of the day-to-day activities and needs of a Product Manager. 

International Women’s Day Event Highlights

This International Women’s Day, Pitney Bowes hosted a PBWIN (Pitney Bowes Women’s Inclusion Network) event for our teams around the world.  The Jan Bruce, CEO, and Co-founder of meQuillibrium led a discussion on Resilience: How to Sustain Success in an Environment With Constant Change and Transformation.